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Sustainability, openness and forward thinking: This is why our colleagues have chosen work at Tilia. And for each and every one of us, the focus is on something different – the respect we have for each other, the diversity of our teams, or the extraordinary projects we carry out with our clients around the world. We don’t rest on our laurels – we work together to move things forward. That is our motivation. Every day. Find your reason to become part of the Tilia family!

We believe that people, including our employees, are at the center of the transformation. Because their expertise and their efforts to ensure a sustainable future for future generations guarantee the success of this owner-managed and independent company.

Our openness, creativity and motivation are based on this special corporate culture. We encourage personal initiative and foster a culture of “thinking differently”. Maybe this is a result of the fact that we started out in 2009 as a Franco-German company with the aim of making a concrete contribution to driving the energy transition forward.

We increase the energy efficiency of many manufacturing companies, we improve the quality and performance of public and private utilities, and we drive technical, economic, process, and social innovation by involving a wide range of stakeholders. This is what makes us so valuable as a sustainable employer and as a stakeholder in society.

If you do not find a job posting that matches your profile here, we would be happy to receive your unsolicited application. You can submit it by clicking the button below or sending an email to us at

Current Vacancies



We have many profiles within Tilia, as each of us is different and brings his own experience. Every person in Tilia contributes to ad’hoc project teams, managed by a project director selected for his/her expertise. You can find bellow the meaning that some of our colleagues find in their daily work.

Tilia offers to its employees a working model which fits their actual ways of life. Interns get the chance to grow in the company step by step. And when there is a change in the life situation (when starting a family, for example) Tilia adopts flexible working models that are adapted to this new context. Tilia aims at building a trustful relationship with its employees in the long term, as it does with its clients.

Martin-Joseph HloucalProject Manager

Tilia offers a great opportunity to address multiple topics in a variety of environments and contexts that are extremely rewarding. It is also a unique place to develop strategies, design projects but also become an actor of the implementation and operation phase, alongside our customers.

Vincent AumaitreSenior Manager

Tilia offers me varied activities as well as a flexible management of my working hours. As a young employee, I particularly appreciate the professional support I receive from Tilia and the colleagues I am working with. Our team not only has a wealth of experience but also a great team spirit.

Claudia RummelProject Manager

Everybody wants to make the world a better place to live in. Tilia gives me the chance to develop and implement smart projects which locally contribute to this global shift.

Alexander RedekerManaging Director

Through a close collaboration with its customers, Tilia achieves meaningful results. Its international ambitions and its desire to bring an innovative vision to the world of the sustainable development are valuable to me. Being part of the Tilia adventure is a real pride.

Isabelle FähProject Manager

Spontaneous Applications

If you did not find what you were looking for in our job board, feel free to send in a spontaneous application, using the following contact form.

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Tilia’s internship programs give students from many disciplines and backgrounds the
opportunity to get a real life experience of working with us—and to be part of concrete
environmental projects. We favour long period internship to offer the best immersive experience. Working as an intern at Tilia offers the potential to launch a career at Tilia, but can also be part of an ongoing academic course.

“Originally working as an intern, I didn’t hesitate to join Tilia when an opportunity was offered to me to continue this exciting adventure. It was for me the best transition between university and professional challenges, within a very welcoming team.”
Alexis Oger

Daily business at Tilia

Are you interested in becoming part of an innovative and globally active project team and finding out what a typical day is like at our company? Well, at Tilia, there’s no such thing as a typical day, because every project and every client is unique and requires individual solutions.

Our activities include strategy and restructuring projects in both the public and private sectors, the development of innovative and decentralized energy solutions, smart community projects, energy efficiency projects and projects related to digitalization.

Working with other Tilia teams you will develop a wide range of projects in the areas of district heating and cooling, smart grids, water/wastewater, the circular economy and waste management, energy efficiency, infrastructure and mobility. At the same time, communication within your team is also vital in order to reap the benefits of your colleagues’ experience and expertise.

This makes it possible for you to continuously develop your skills and create fitting solutions for changing client requirements. The fact that we work from different locations, on-site at our clients or from our home offices, makes the continuous exchange with colleagues essential.

In addition to the day-to-day business, we offer the opportunity to participate actively within various expert teams (Smart Community, Digitalization, Energy, Water, Mobility, Circular Economy, Infrastructure). Collaboration with other experts in these teams contributes to each employee’s professional development.

Everyone in the Tilia Group meets at least three times a year for professional team exchanges, where projects are presented, new and innovative approaches are discussed, best practices in the project business are presented and the development of the Tilia Group and its subsidiaries is discussed. The two-day program combines teamwork and recreational activities, allowing everyone to strengthen contacts with colleagues and welcome new employees to the Tilia family.

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