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We’re hiring!

Joining Tilia provides you with the opportunity to be part of talented teams in an international environment. The company is fully independent, has developed fast over years and still does.

All “Tilianers” are passionate about what they do: making a concrete contribution to a better environment, improving the quality of public services, catalyzing social and economic innovation in multi-stakeholders projects. We invest in our people and empower them, and each of us matters to the whole community.

Our creativity, energy and dedication rely on this distinctive culture. If you wish to join us, please refer to the job opening list below or to our LinkedIn or Xing page. You can also send us spontaneous applications.

Current Vacancies



We have many profiles within Tilia, as each of us is different and brings his own experience. Every person in Tilia contributes to ad’hoc project teams, managed by a project director selected for his/her expertise. You can find bellow the meaning that some of our colleagues find in their daily work.

Tilia offers to its employees a working model which fits their actual ways of life. Interns get the chance to grow in the company step by step. And when there is a change in the life situation (when starting a family, for example) Tilia adopts flexible working models that are adapted to this new context. Tilia aims at building a trustful relationship with its employees in the long term, as it does with its clients.

Martin-Joseph HloucalProject Manager

Tilia offers a great opportunity to address multiple topics in a variety of environments and contexts that are extremely rewarding. It is also a unique place to develop strategies, design projects but also become an actor of the implementation and operation phase, alongside our customers.

Vincent AumaitreSenior Manager

Tilia offers me varied activities as well as a flexible management of my working hours. As a young employee, I particularly appreciate the professional support I receive from Tilia and the colleagues I am working with. Our team not only has a wealth of experience but also a great team spirit.

Claudia RummelProject Manager

Everybody wants to make the world a better place to live in. Tilia gives me the chance to develop and implement smart projects which locally contribute to this global shift.

Alexander RedekerManaging Director

Through a close collaboration with its customers, Tilia achieves meaningful results. Its international ambitions and its desire to bring an innovative vision to the world of the sustainable development are valuable to me. Being part of the Tilia adventure is a real pride.

Isabelle FähProject Manager

Spontaneous Applications

If you did not find what you were looking for in our job board, feel free to send in a spontaneous application, using the following contact form.

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Tilia’s internship programs give students from many disciplines and backgrounds the
opportunity to get a real life experience of working with us—and to be part of concrete
environmental projects. We favour long period internship to offer the best immersive experience. Working as an intern at Tilia offers the potential to launch a career at Tilia, but can also be part of an ongoing academic course.

“Originally working as an intern, I didn’t hesitate to join Tilia when an opportunity was offered to me to continue this exciting adventure. It was for me the best transition between university and professional challenges, within a very welcoming team.”
Alexis Oger

Life at Tilia

The Tilia group will provide you with an opportunity to work on innovative projects in the fields of smart cities, energy, and environment across the world, from transformation programs and strategic design to implementation. We develop projects with significant impact on common welfare, community value creation and environmental performance.

At Tilia, we are technology neutral and develop a wide spectrum of projects for our customers (district heating and cooling, smart grid, water and waste, energy efficiency, decentralized generation) committing to deliver the most pragmatic and results-oriented solutions. A guarantee for you to always develop your skills and promote the best solutions in the market.

All Tilianers gather three times a year, to facilitate cross sharing of experience and best practice among the group, and to learn more about the best practices in our projects and the evolution of the company and its subsidiaries. During two days, we join in a friendly and informal atmosphere, combining group work and free time together, enabling all of us to deepen our relationships, and our new colleagues to get better acquainted with the company.

Aside from daily business, you will also have the opportunity to join one of our competency networks (smart cities, digital, energy, water, asset management…) to work with other experts and make your own, distinctive contribution to the company’s skills.

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