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Our partnership models

Tilia is the partner of cities, communities, public and private utilities, industrial businesses and co-investors who seek to develop new projects and innovative infrastructure, make new investments, improve their operations, redefine their strategy and manage increasingly complex challenges in the fields of energy, water and environmental services.

Our models range from project management and consulting to joint realisation and co-investment in jointly designed projects. They are always aiming at implementing change and achieving concrete, measurable results.

Our clients benefit from our independent perspective, our strong operational experience, and a wide range of strategic, technical, financial and legal expertise. We strengthen our clients' capabilities and enable them to achieve their goals in a sustainable way.

Our Projects

Operational optimisation

  • Process optimisation
  • Asset management
  • Management of resources (energy, water, chemicals…)
  • Change management
  • Technical and operational excellence
  • On-site optimisation
  • Data acquisition
  • Analytics and business dashboarding
  • IT Optimisation

Tilia co-investment

  • Co-investment in jointly designed projects
  • Energy performance contracting
  • Participation in regional investment vehicles
  • Ideation workshop, product and service design
  • Cooperation on marketing for innovative service launch

Interim management

  • Interim managers with extensive industry and leadership experience
  • Proven leadership experience
  • Short term availability
  • External know-how / Know-how transfer
  • Results-oriented processes

New investments and infrastructure

  • Designing investment programmes and projects
  • Business models
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project Finance
  • Risk Management
  • Decentralised infrastructure
  • Project Management
  • Socio-economic cost-benefit analysis
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Digital System set up

Strategy and planning

  • Community energy transition  strategies and action plans
  • Effective organisation of public services
  • International benchmarking
  • Business development
  • Regulatory analysis and policy advice
  • Ex-ante/ex-post evaluation of projects and programmes
  • Digital maturity check, roadmap planning and strategy execution
  • IT Strategy and execution
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