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Decarbonisation of properties and industry as a driver of the energy revolution

Tilia July 27, 2023 No Comments

The green transformation and its challenges: Tilia sums up the first half of 2023

Leipzig, 27/07/2023 – In recent months, the challenges currently facing the energy market have put the Tilia Group and its customers to the test. The projects undertaken by Tilia reflect the way in which the energy revolution can be successful for communities and industries. Among other things, the international Leipzig-based company has developed community thermal designs and analysed the potential for district heat supply systems. Tilia is also increasingly aware of the demand for comprehensive, climate-friendly solutions with sustainability reports, ESG management and carbon offsetting gaining in importance. Last but not least, Tilia has also advised communities and industrial companies on the content and impact of the “Electricity Price Brake Act”, developing and implementing concepts together with its contractors to provide greater security for the company

Christophe Hug
Managing Director Tilia Group GmbH

“Tilia takes a partnership-based approach across all areas of action, down to the use of the solutions developed as a co-investor. Our projects are inevitably also geared towards the prevailing issues in society. Our customers’ concerns are our priority. The first half of 2023 primarily involved tackling the challenges on the energy market,” says Christophe Hug, Managing Director of Tilia Group GmbH.

“The decarbonisation of properties and industry is a major driver of the energy revolution. Since the implementation of the so-called “Heating Act”, everyone is talking about the community’s thermal design, which is a key area of interest for Tilia. Here, we are able to use our experience to launch concrete projects whether it be decentralised residential area concepts or district heat supply systems,” adds Hug.

Since 2019, Tilia has been helping the region of Hoyerswerda to switch from lignite to an eco-friendlier heating supply and has taken key steps forwards in 2023.

In Thuringia, a partnership has been established with the regional TWS Thüringer Wärme Service to help accelerate the thermal transition directly on site.

“The creativity of our concepts can be seen in projects such as the design of a cold district heating grid in Soest – one of the largest projects of its kind in Germany – along with our involvement in the development of an aquathermal supply for a holiday resort in Leipzig where green energy is obtained from a reservoir,” points out Christophe Hug.

It is precisely due to its innovative approaches that Tilia is becoming a more valued consultant for political and economic associations. As part of a policy paper on urban water transformation, Tilia was commissioned with producing recommendations for action for federal policy and providing impetus for the energy market at RKW Sachsen.

“When we look at the overarching processes, ESG management has played a major role in 2023,” continues Hug. “This particularly involves carbon offsetting, which is crucial for the transition towards climate neutrality. For example, we carried out carbon offsetting as part of a model neighbourhood development project in Leipzig. We will now make the results available to communities and property developers across Germany in order to help them reduce their carbon footprint as part of neighbourhood developments.

And last but not least: “We not only had to navigate ourselves through the jungle that is the Electricity Price Brake Act with our investments but have also actively supported our customers throughout it all. What’s more, we have expanded our organisation’s resources regarding the various incentive and funding challenges which has enabled us to offer an improved funding and advisory service for ourselves and our customers,” highlights Hug.

A further aspect of green commitment is the newly founded company qsol energie GmbH, a joint venture of Tilia GmbH and QUARTERBACK Immobilien AG in the field of photovoltaic rooftops, photovoltaic greenfield, energy solutions, product solutions and technical advisory. “We are convinced that new infrastructures and supply systems will be increasingly based on decentralised solutions. We support our customers in the development and implementation of business models for sustainable and innovative solutions to complement their energy supply portfolio,” explains Michael Tietz, Managing Director of the Leipzig-based company qsol energie GmbH.

“In doing so, the Tilia ecosystem will support our customers such as utilities, municipalities, industrial and housing companies in implementing the changes and transformations required for more climate action and sustainability. Digitalisation will further help to develop integrated solutions into the areas of energy, water, recycling management, mobility and infrastructure,” predicts Tilia Group Managing Director, Christophe Hug.

About Tilia GmbH

Tilia GmbH supports utility companies, municipalities, manufacturers and the housing industry with the changes and transformation they need to make in order to achieve greater climate protection and sustainability. We develop integrated solutions with our customers and partners in the fields of energy, water, circular economies, mobility and infrastructure, while also exploiting the benefits of digitalisation. We adopt a holistic approach, taking into consideration all key aspects that determine a company’s success: strategy and organisation, personnel and processes, technology and plants, economic and ecological factors, management, culture and communication. Our aim is to support our customers over the long term – taking them from the conception to implementation and establishing a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.
Tilia GmbH was founded in Leipzig in 2009 and became part of the internationally operating Tilia Group in 2022. The company employs around 170 people and has already completed over 1000 projects in more than 20 different countries. The corporate vision is to provide effective support to drive greater sustainability.

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