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Operational optimisation

Development of an energy efficiency project with GE in Belfort

Tilia February 19, 2019 No Comments

Steam turbine Arabelle produced by GE in Belfort

GE Power has an industrial plant in Belfort (France) producing steam power turbines for nuclear power plants. Operating non-stop throughout the year, its energy consumption is high and so are the related costs. Moreover, the site did not have a clear view of its energy consumption and therefore could not improve its strategy to optimize its costs.

To tackle this situation, GE Power has launched a 5-year energy cost savings plan including the supply and installation of smart multi-energy metering infrastructure, the subsequent energy data analysis, management and visualization by a software as a service solution, as well as energy consulting services and a study to assess a micro grid opportunity. It is enabled by algorithms built in smart application on Predix, the GE Digital industrial software platform.

A first 7-month phase begun in September 2018 in order to supply, install and commission a new software that will integrate new electricity smart metering infrastructure and existing heat and gas meters, and to train GE SPS nominated staff.

Tilia takes part in this first phase as a partner of GE Power, in particular to handle the energy efficiency aspects. More specifically, Tilia has firstly worked with the Energy Management team in identifying the software functions and indicators that will enable them to optimize the operation of the site, notably its energy consumption. Tilia and GE teams have also jointly developed an energy efficiency action plan, including its business model and organizational set-up for each action.

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