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Energy efficiency in metal industry

Tilia June 16, 2018 No Comments

A metalworking company in Germany has set itself the objective of rising its energy productivity and lowering the primary energy consumption for one of their production sites. The management board of the company assigned Tilia to realize considerable energy savings through new state-of-the-art technologies, to develop a company-specific energy-saving concept and to investigate the interest of implementing cross-sectional technologies to optimise heat water pumps and hall lighting.

On the basis of an in-depth assessment/audit and establishment of the company’s baseline in terms of energy, Tilia selected tailored technology solutions, carried out a cost-effectiveness analysis to select those to be implemented and provided support for the application for subsidies. Thereby, Tilia ensured a worthwhile investment and a sustainable reduction of energy expenses.


Metalworking company in Germany




Project Manager
Stephan Werthschulte
03:02:39 - 141.42 MB