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Strategy and Planning

Lyon Living Lab Energy

Tilia July 4, 2018 No Comments

The Greater Lyon has been the most dynamic in France in launching Smart Grid Research and innovation programmes, and in digitalising some of its services to citizens and users. Those programmes have initiated new dynamics, which enable Lyon to gradually build up new services, especially in the field of energy.

Together with Tilia, the Greater Lyon, which has been selected in the national “Greater Industrial Ambition” Programme (TIGA), has designed use cases to be able, through smart metering, energy expertise and digital devices, to offer an integrated, multi-services (electricity, heat, gas, water…) application to each interested citizen, and to improve the efficiency of city buildings through innovative organisational patterns.

Through this project, Lyon will confirm its leadership in providing its citizens with valuable innovative services, supported by the best digital technologies.


Lyon metropolis


2015 – 2018


vincent aumaitre
Project Manager
Vincent Aumaître
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