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Strategy and Planning

Multi-utility company of Göttingen

Tilia June 22, 2018 No Comments

The Stadtwerke Göttingen has thoroughly reviewed and reshaped, together with Tilia, its growth and service strategy. Founded more than 150 years ago, this municipal multi-utility company is facing new challenges, mainly related to the increasing competition in the electricity and gas retail markets, and a more ambitious regulation of the services it provides.

In close cooperation with the Stadtwerke teams and its governance bodies, Tilia analysed the background, motivation and objectives of the shareholders and management boards to jointly develop and test new ideas. The results were summarized in an operational strategy for the future orientation of the company, including the deployment of innovative services in existing and new markets. The action plan of the strategy included technical, financial, HR and other operational aspects of its implementation, which was also supported by Tilia.


Stadtwerke Göttingen


2017 – ongoing


Project Manager
Mike Gräfe
16:45:42 - 139.42 MB