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Operational optimisation

Municipal Services company of Halle

Tilia July 6, 2018 No Comments

Located at the heart of Germany, Halle’s municipal services company (Hallesche Wasser- und Stadtwirtschaft – HWS) is responsible for the water supply, wastewater treatment and waste management of around 200,000 inhabitants.

HWS aimed at consolidating and stabilizing its prices taking into account future investments, quality requirements and enhance its cost effectiveness. At the same time, HWS intended to improve its customer service and profitability while, overall, optimising its operations to position itself among the top 25% top- performers in Germany.

A challenge that Tilia was ready to take on. Based on an in-depth analysis, Tilia prepared with the HWS teams a holistic 20-years economic model taking into consideration the existing five-year objectives of HWS. More than 100 new ideas were jointly developed, prioritised and structured in six working fields, to finally come up with 60 key actions to be implemented during 8 years. These actions are currently being implemented together with HWS, and monitored through an operational system based on KPIs, which facilitates the decision-making process.

The project enabled HWS to realize a significant profit improvement while maintaining constant prices, and to decrease its long-term debt. These new operating cash-flows provides HWS with financial means to continue modernizing water and waste water public services in Halle.




2011 – ongoing


Project Manager
Frank Fritsch 
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