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Generating drinking water with solar power

Tilia August 11, 2020 No Comments

The Möhnebogen waterworks of „Stadtwerke Arnsberg“ are now supplied with solar power: environmentally friendly, reliable and economical.
During the planning stage, it was particularly important to the municipal utility that the drinking water protection regulations are complied with, that the drinking water supply is guaranteed and that the operating water costs be reduced at the same time. Tilia developed the technical and economic concept and managed its implementation. The plant, with a maximum output of 216 kilowatts, generates 200,000 kWh/a of climate-friendly solar power and avoids climate-damaging emissions equivalent to 93 t/CO2. It was designed in such a way that the solar power produced is consumed directly in the waterworks. A feed-in into the public grid is not planned. Since the manufacturing costs of PV systems have fallen sharply in recent years and the electricity is used for own consumption, the project is also an economic success. After the successful implementation of the pilot project, Tilia and Stadtwerke Arnsberg are already working on the implementation of another waterworks and further ideas and concepts to increase energy efficiency and self-supply with renewable energies.


Stadtwerke Arnsberg 




Project Manager
Stephan Werthschulte
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