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Operational optimisation

SIAAP 2030

Tilia June 26, 2018 No Comments
projet tilia SIAAP

With the SIAAP, the Greater Paris wastewater service which is the largest wastewater utility in Europe, serving 9 million inhabitants, Tilia has initiated a worldwide one-of-a-kind project in terms of scope and depth of transformation.
The partnership aims at improving the value for consumers and operational, environmental and economic performance of the service in all key fields of its activity. It relies on a comprehensive assessment which has actively involved hundreds of employees in a specifically tailored project framework taking into account the sector trends and long-term expectations of SIAAP’s main stakeholders.

The first phase led to a detailed Action Plan (operation and process optimization, maintenance and asset management, purchasing, insourcing, resource management, strategy, HR, H&S, R&D, etc.). The project also encompasses deep international benchmarking with comparable wastewater utilities, using the broad experience of Tilia’s management; training and coaching, and change management initiatives.

The Tilia team, composed of five experienced managers, is supporting SIAAP’s management and operational staff in the 3-year practical implementation phase. Tilia team members are engaged at both strategic and operational level to enhance processes, working hand-in-hand with SIAAP staff to implement the action plan.




2016 – 2019


Project Manager
David Alexandre
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