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Value Engineering For A Leading Water And Waste Water Public Company

Tilia June 17, 2018 No Comments
Part of the sewage treatment plant scene

Facing a major investment and capital expenditure challenge due to future modernization needs of its asset base, and a steep rise in its works unit costs due to a price increase in the civil works, technical engineering and construction market, this very large municipal water and waste water company, known for its world class best practice in managing the water cycle, worked with Tilia on the optimization of some of its investment programmes.

The project has been based on an equipment life cycle-based approach. The sought optimization targets combined top environmental performance, high levels of service standards, value enhancement of the municipal company’s asset base, and concrete savings in its planned capex programmes over the next years. Best experts in both the partner municipal company and Tilia have joined efforts and succeeded in meeting those objectives simultaneously, while achieving 10% savings on the planned investments.  


Waste water public company


2015 – 2018


Project Manager
Christophe Hug
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