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Supported by Tilia, Greater Lyon becomes one of the 24 awarded “Territories of Innovation and Great Ambition” (TIGA)

Tilia September 16, 2019 No Comments

On September 13th 2019, the French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe announced the list of 24 selected territorial innovation projects that will be financially supported by the French Government at around 450 million euros (including subsidies and equity funding).

The project application led by Greater Lyon, and submitted together with Greater Saint-Etienne, has been awarded with 6.9 million euros of subsidies and 15.2 million euros of equity. The project is called “the industry integrated and (re)connected to its territory and its citizens”, and contains several innovative actions addressing the needs of the local industries, territories and citizens.

The project Lyon Living Energy, developed by Greater Lyon with the support of Tilia, contributed to this successful application, proposing innovative approaches for improving the energy efficiency of public buildings, increasing the renewable energy share in local production and consumption, and developing a self-data service to value the data from smart meters.

Press Releases:
Click here to see the Government’s press release on the selected “innovative territories” under TIGA programme (in FR)​
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Link to project Lyon Living Lab Energy

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