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Digitalisation roadmap for Leipzig’s Water & Waste Water Utility

Tilia June 25, 2018 No Comments

The water & waste water utility of the city of Leipzig (Leipziger Wasserwerke) is responsible for the supply of drinking water and waste water services to more than 670,000 people in Leipzig and the surrounding areas. To ensure a reliable and efficient service to the users, it relies on sophisticated IT infrastructure that must be adequately managed and updated.

To keep pace with the rapid technological advancements, Tilia was commissioned to elaborate, together with the teams of Leipziger Wasserwerke, a strategic digitisation roadmap for the core business areas: supply network as well as water and waste water production facilities.

The jointly developed process to generate this roadmap followed a holistic, operational and participative approach:

  • It started with an assessment of the initial situation. This included a look at future projects, internal technical and organizational conditions and an analysis of the overall company strategy and implementation status.
  • Based on this, concrete objectives were defined and improvement potentials estimated, including main opportunities and risks related to the foreseeable evolution of the company.
  • Tilia strongly recommended the client to identify concrete areas of interest and work through a bottom up innovation process, retaining those that were aligned with the strategic and operational objectives, which proved to be successful.

The resulting digital roadmap comprises, amongst other elements, a strategic direction for the future digitization of the company’s core business and a set of priorities, recommended fields of action and tools for its monitoring and evaluation, and a summary on the needs for subsequent modifications.These operational tools enabled the Leipziger Wasserwerke to start several well-organized work streams, based on a comprehensive change management programme.


Kommunale Wasserwerke Leipzig


2017 – 2018


Project Manager
Thomas Lenke 
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