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Operational optimisation

Municipal Association for Waste Water treatment in the north of Germany

Tilia June 23, 2018 No Comments

The municipal association for waste water treatment in the north of Germany aims at delivering a long-term quality waste water service at a stable and competitive fee for the citizens. It is therefore responsible for the investments and asset management.

Tilia and the management of the company jointly investigated and developed  an operational performance enhancement plan, comprising the  investments, maintenance plans, operations, finances, human resources and organisation, governance and management, as well as business development. Necessary measures were identified and prioritised to bridge the gap between the initial situation and targeted objectives. Among other work packages, Tilia elaborated a long-term economic and technical decision-making tool taking into account the main externalities and drivers of the association.

This tool has been used by the association since then, and secures its development.  Other optimization measures include a techno-economic reporting system (management by objectives, KPIs), energy efficiency of waste water treatment plants, procurement, asset management and maintenance (considering criticality and incidents), a structured economic planning process and long-term personnel planning. As a result, a high six-digit amount (Euro) is saved every year.


Municipal Association for Waste Water treatment




Project Manager
Alexander Redeker
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