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Tilia Group establishes tenant electricity supply network in Germany

Tilia June 15, 2023 No Comments

LE Energy Solutions GmbH, LEESO: 100 customers are already being actively supplied with electricity for tenants – More to follow in the Leipzig area during 2023

Leipzig, 15/06/2023 – Tenant electricity supply projects have been all the rage ever since solar panels became obligatory for new builds. However, these projects are rarely implemented. “Electricity for tenants is always greener and more affordable than the competition, offering an attractive solution for tenants,” says Matthias Pfeiffer, CEO of the Leipzig-based company LE Energy Solutions GmbH, LEESO. Since 2019, it has been part of the internationally operating Tilia Group for implementing tenant electricity supply projects. As the interface between the housing industry, electricity network operators and tenants, LEESO utilises its skills to overcome potential project-related hurdles and turn tenant electricity supply projects into a reality.
LEESO actively supplies more than 100 customers with tenant electricity as part of multiple projects, with more planned for 2023. The participant rate in tenant electricity models is almost 100%. “In many areas, sub-metered electricity is the best solution for both tenants and the environment,” explains Pfeiffer. “The electricity generation is transparent as tenants can see and touch the system. These local plants also relieve the burden on the electricity grid. The locally generated tenant electricity is used in the same place as it is generated and so does not use the grid for general supply. Last but not least, tenant electricity significantly reduces the costs for consumers.”
Pfeiffer describes two major obstacles facing the nationwide roll-out of tenant electricity projects. The first is bureaucracy: “The concept of electricity for tenants is often difficult to reproduce in the existing systems of the network operators. This poses certain regulatory and billing-related challenges,” explains Pfeiffer. The second is the high investment, planning and implementation costs involved, requiring a certain lead time to prepare and implement the concept, such as agreeing the measuring system with the grid operator. Electricity for tenants is only profitable for operators if customers purchase their electricity from them over several years. “The fear of changing supplier plays a major role here,” adds Pfeiffer.
Nevertheless, the fact that these projects have an acceptance rate of almost 100% shows “good collaboration with the real estate industry, personal customer service, on-site project management and attractive conditions,” says Pfeiffer, providing an indication of how tenant electricity projects can be successful in future.
Thanks to modern measurement technology, LEESO offers its customers access to all key user data, including via its online portal. Personal electricity consumption can be viewed in real time from any location, plus measures taken to reduce it.
In 2023, LEESO will expand its network with a residential building in western Leipzig and company headquarters in Schkeuditz with additional projects already being planned. Matthias Pfeiffer is convinced that “electricity for tenants is currently gathering speed and will increase exponentially,” as: “electricity for tenants is the most economic way of using locally generated electricity.”

View into the LEESO tenant electricity portal, here the total meter for a CHP tenant electricity project (assisted living) for the month of January 2023 with high self-sufficiency through the CHP, above: Daily load profile 06.01.23, below monthly balance, orange = CHP power fed into the general supply grid, green = residual power drawn from the general supply grid.


About LEESO GmbH

LEESO combines energy-related expertise, knowledge of residential processes and many years of experience in urban development. LEESO supports everyone involved in the real estate market with a wide range of services from heat and electricity supply to metering and billing. LEESO helps homeowners increase the value of their property over the long term, enabling estate agents to professionally respond to energy requests and streamline their business processes. Furthermore, LEESO assists project developers and building owners with planning and implementing sustainable energy concepts. LEESO also offers tenants of residential and commercial properties the opportunity to obtain affordable and reliable electricity.
LEESO is part of the globally active Tilia Group, which employs over 150 staff and has already completed over 500 projects in more than 20 countries. Our common vision is effective support for more sustainability.

About Tilia GmbH

Tilia GmbH supports utility companies, municipalities, manufacturers and the housing industry with the changes and transformation they need to make in order to achieve greater climate protection and sustainability. We develop integrated solutions with our customers and partners in the fields of energy, water, circular economies, mobility and infrastructure, while also exploiting the benefits of digitalisation. We adopt a holistic approach, taking into consideration all key aspects that determine a company’s success: strategy and organisation, personnel and processes, technology and plants, economic and ecological factors, management, culture and communication. Our aim is to support our customers over the long term – taking them from the conception to implementation and establishing a lasting, mutually beneficial partnership.
Tilia GmbH was founded in Leipzig in 2009 and became part of the internationally operating Tilia Group in 2022. The company employs around 150 people and has already completed over 500 projects in more than 20 different countries. The corporate vision is to provide effective support to drive greater sustainability

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