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Tilia invents Solid Recovered Fuel solutions for a major industrial site

Tilia November 29, 2019 No Comments


As part of the transformation of its operational process to reduce its emissions of dust and volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and in preparation for an increase of more than a third in its production capacity, Swiss Krono, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of wood materials, is reviewing its energy strategy for its site of Sully-sur-Loire (France). The wood energy available on site (waste sorting, waste and dust) is recovered and makes it possible to meet nearly two thirds of the heat needs (more than 600 GWh/year in total). For the complement, the industrial company is looking for a clean, local, competitive and stable source of energy, combined with a production tool compatible with its process.


To find such an optimal solution, Tilia is supporting Swiss Krono in restructuring its energy production strategy, by providing its expertise on energy supply and dimensioning issues, its skills in economic modelling, as well as its critical analysis of the new Solid Recovered Fuel (SRF) sector and the local context. Tilia also participates in the operational implementation of the selected solution by advising Swiss Krono on the partnership approach to be followed with the identified SRF operators (preparation and combustion) and by participating in the consultation process with the companies involved.

This project, by its size and the replication possibilities that it offers, is structuring for the future of the company but also for the entire SRF sector emerging in France, and will eventually develop a solution entirely based on renewable energies and recovery for a major industrial site.

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