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Energy toolbox – creation of a comprehensive technology overview from the areas of heat, electricity and blue-green approaches

Christoph Keil January 8, 2024 No Comments

The supply of buildings and energy-efficient neighbourhood development involves the use and interaction of various technologies in the areas of energy generation/conversion, storage, transport and transfer. Even if a clear demarcation is not always possible, particularly due to the use of new approaches, the technologies can be grouped into specific clusters. On the generation side in particular, there are a large number of technologies that can be used in neighbourhood energy supply, based on both fossil and renewable sources.

The profiles contain information on technologies at a technical, economic and ecological level. Due to the dynamic (further) development of individual technologies, the information represents a snapshot at the time of its creation (status 01-2024).

The toolbox is aimed at decision-makers and developers with the aim of providing an overview of various approaches. For concrete (property) planning, system or manufacturer-specific details must be selected.

This toolbox was developed as part of the “Leipzig BlueGreen ” research project. The measure is part of the “Resource-efficient urban neighbourhoods for the future”(RES:Z) initiative and the “FONA strategy” and is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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